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Flavien is currently writing a webseries, soon the first episodes to be released....

Listen to his voice in Arte's Gymnastique program.



Actor, Improvisor, Director, Voice actor.

France - Hungary - International.


Flavien REPPERT  encountered performing arts as a teenager through circus and theatre. 

In 1997, he discovers improvised theatre and will specialize in the artform. 


Graduated from Strasbourg 's University and Conservatoire in Drama, he founded the Théâtre de l'Oignon Company to explore bridges between improvised music and theatre with Jazz musicians from the Conservatoire.


With the Company, he creates  about twenty original improvisation shows, including musicals and a pure organic improvisation form called "Random".


This show is produced by several companies in France, Belgium, Poland, Israel, Spain, Hungary and Russia and has been performed all around the world's biggest improvisation festivals in 6 languages, 27 countries and 5 continents.

He's a member of Ohana, an international improvisation exchange platform gathering 50 members and 20 nationalities around the art of improvising.

The improvisational style developed by Flavien with the Théâtre de l'Oignon Company brought him a quick notoriety and makes him one of the most influential and exported improvisers in France.


Alongside improv he performs for cinema, theatre, opera and debuted in the oldest TV series in France as Lieutenant Roger in "A wonderful Family" all through season 11 he's also the voice of many of Arte's Tv chanel programs.

He's been awarded Best supporting actor twice in Film Festivals in Chile and The USA for his part in "The Hen".


Currently he is writing, performing and directing in a weberies all the while following up with creations and tours with The Company.




"I love your one liners they really stick!
You keep everything upbeat with your lovely energy!
- Tanine, Lebanon

"There's real parallel with our profession"

- Sébastien, Technology & Stategies

 WEST SIDE STORY par l’Opéra national du Rhin:"Flavien Reppert, qui invente un lieutenant Schrank un peu freak ou punk, mi-Pacadis, mi-Columbo"

- Nicolas Villodre,

"Watching you perform, helped me understand what is unique about your style."
- Joe, London

"You have this ability to create an atmosphere of support and non judgement, it's very decomplexing"

- Marlene, Amsterdam


"Thanks for your energy and dynamism. You're always spot on! We see that you care for us and want each of us to feel good"

- Peggy,Bruxelles


Instructive...but a kind slap ...a slap of love!

- Khalid, Bruxelles

“I believe a good teacher is a combiantion of strict and friendly, I think you achieve that very well".
- Rikus, Amsterdam

"Thanks a lot! You hurt me a lot, and it was so good for me to deconstruct 15 years of habits"

- Julie, Tournai


“You treated everyone as an individual despite different levels of experience and connected everyone so nicely!"

- Isaac, Amsterdam


me contacter!


Flavien Reppert

Paris, France, International

Tel: +33 614 624 820​

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